Starting August 1, 2016 we will begin posting monthly reviews. This should be better than the current, whenevere we get time method. Viewers get regular content, we have a deadline for motivation.



There are well designed experiments and informative papers in the exercise sciences. These are not them. For a variety of reasons, these papers are as much unintentional fiction as they are intended science. We are not casting aspersions, we are simply identifying flawed concepts, faulty experiments, and mispresented data. We believe this will help move the fitness industry forward and keep academia honest.

There's been a lot of talk about a paper that is reported to demonstrate that low repetitions and high repetitions to exhaustion result in the same outcomes of strength and size. Here we look at that paper, its problems, and at what we can really learn from it.


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We sift through as much of the mass of papers written in the exercise sciences as we can, we pull out ones that have clear problems and could misdirect and misinform readers, and we create & present short video reviews of those papers.